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Master Your Mindset

Truly believe you deserve more so you can ask for more

Before you ask for what you want, you have to believe you deserve it.

Discover how to conquer fear and overcome self-doubt so you can finally earn what you’re worth and live a life you love.
The number one factor in your success is your ability to communicate more clearly and influence others to get things done.


That ability starts with your MINDSET.

Women still earn only 81 cents for every dollar men make

Do you earn what you deserve?

Women hold only 24% of senior roles across the world in 2018

Are you reaching your potential ?

It will take 100 years to close the gender equality gap

Are you ready to shorten that time?

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • “I’m afraid to speak up in meetings.”
  • “I’ve been in one job/company for a long time and I’m nervous about looking for a new job.”
  • “I’m not sure why I haven’t been promoted yet.”
  • “I want to make a move but I’m scared to give up what I have or take a chance on something new.”
  • “I don’t have enough experience to apply for the job I really want.”
  • “I feel vulnerable when I ask for what I want, even when I think I deserve it.”
  • “I’m afraid I’ll be called ‘bossy’ or ‘too aggressive’ if I ask for what I want.”
  • “I don’t want to be labeled as ‘difficult’ or ‘not a team player’.”
  • “I feel nervous when I have to advocate for myself.”
  • “I wish I could stop taking things so personally.”

You CAN Conquer Fear and Overcome Self-Doubt

It’s easy to feel afraid to speak up.

You don’t want to be called “aggressive” or “bossy.”

You don’t want to be labeled as “difficult” or “not a team player.”

You definitely don’t want to do anything that would risk what you already have.

Do you deserve that raise? Do you deserve that promotion? Do you deserve that new and improved career?

How will you know unless you try?

The only thing standing between you and where you want to be is that inner voice that’s telling you to wait for a magic fairy to reach out to an imaginary perfect job recruiter or your boss who will offer that position to you.

But that inner voice also led you here, so deep down you know you’ve been quiet too long or you’re getting less and less confident.

My Story: From Fearless to Fearful and Back to Fearless

I know a lot about fear. But I took an unusual u-turn to get there.  I spent 18 years at one company. I grew, I changed, I was challenged and I was safe. I reached the point where I was a Vice President and had the coveted corner office! I knew my job like the back of my hand. I did a kick ass job. My bosses said so. My colleagues said so. My clients said so. My paycheck said so. I was at the top of my game.

HOWEVER, the company was acquired, and more than half my peers were fired. I felt unsure and afraid of superiors who imbued the place with a new and quite different culture. I was trying to change who I was to fit in. I was exhausted and completely bummed out. I lost the confidence I once had in spades. I was not Melissa Hereford, who for well over a decade was outgoing and forthright. Guess what? I stayed for 3 more years! Yes, you read that right. Years. I was now too scared to quit because nothing was waiting for me on the other side. So I no longer advanced with my job. If anything, I was sliding backwards.

Something needed to change. And I finally realized what deep down in my soul I wanted to do. My mission in life, my impetus for starting Fearless Mindset, is to make the journey to a fulfilling career and finding what you’re capable of much easier for as many people as possible. After all, I made it to the top. I know how. You can too.

Fearless Mindset: The Self-Confidence-Boosting Course

Fearless Mindset is a self-paced self-confidence boosting course. In this course you’ll learn how to communicate clearly and how to use your voice to influence others. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to convince YOURSELF to move forward and live the best version of your best life.


Do you shy away from confrontation? Discover powerful techniques for dealing with difficult conversations to stay cool, calm and collected. You’ll discover the key components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how to use it to build rapport, even with people you currently struggle to mesh with.


Do you sometimes feel unsure at work? You’ll learn how to understand and control your emotional triggers. Be fearless! Or at least less fearful. You’ll learn how to become more compassionate and kinder to yourself while learning how to start believing that YOU can get what you need.


During the course you’ll uncover how to find more joy in important conversations without changing who you are. You’ll replace fear with curiosity. This will deepen your relationships! You’ll feel empowered to take the all-important first steps. BUT FIRST you have to take this one.

Fearless Mindset Course at a Glance

  • The course is about 2 hours in total.
  • You can watch it all at once or spread it out over the 5 sessions: Mindset overview; Confident; Clear; Curious and Connected.
  • You can go through the course at your own pace and repeat it as many times as you like. Watch it when you need a boost or a reminder.
  • You’ll get a downloadable PDF workbook to make notes about your action steps.
  • You’ll start to see how you can stop doubting yourself or making harmful assumptions.
  • You’ll learn simple practices to help you respond to difficult conversations and be seen as cool, calm and collected no matter what happens.
  • You will be equipped to strengthen your emotional connections to your friends, loved ones, peers and boss.

What graduates say:

“This is an an empowering and informative program that gives women the knowledge and strength and confidence and courage to ask for what we want in a way that feels good to us.

I took the class to support and empower myself in a career transition and to get more comfortable and ready for the interviewing and negotiating phase of a new job/career.

Now I don’t feel so alone in the way I have felt about confidence and asking for things in a new job situation.”

- Ronna V.

Project Manager

“This class is my how-to guide for getting past my fear. Before, I could see my fear but I didn’t have the skills to work around it.

The skills that I learned in this class are things I can use right away to stop taking things personally, get my ideas across and to stop my mind going to negative assumptions.

I will set my goals higher and believe that I will achieve them. Instead of falling into my same old habits, I will walk down a different street* and not look back!” (*you’ll learn what walking down a different street means in Module 1!)

- Meghen K.


“I am self-employed and working on creating work/life balance. I found a lot of value in the focus on relationships, emotional intelligence, and how people’s communication styles and needs differ.

Mine is a client-based business, so juggling a lot of different personalities, wants, and needs, plus taking care of myself and what I need, is a continual challenge and a big part of my job.

This class helped me learn specific techniques to shift my mindset under stress and capitalize on my emotional intelligence skills.”

- Lisa J.

Pilates Instructor/Studio Owner

“This class is an in-depth look at shifting your behavior away from limiting beliefs to a mindset of power and confidence. 
It was really helpful to identify ways I sabotage my power when I get triggered! I am super reactionary, so the parts about getting curious and asking questions rather than jumping immediately into fight mode is a tool I will immediately practice!
There are so many effective tools Melissa offers in this course that I will now bring into my professional and personal relationships. 
I think getting curious instead of making assumptions is a fantastic way to gain clarity in difficult situations.”
- Jennifer H.

Executive Assistant

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Fearless Mindset Course

The Fearless Mindset course is about 2 hours in total. Fearless Mindset is self-paced and repeatable, perfect for when you need a boost.

What’s Included in the Course?

This course includes everything you need to find self-confidence:


To guide you through skills and practices.

Reinforcement emails

Get reminders after the course so you can use what you learned. 

Downloadable PDF workbook

Take notes and apply what you learned.

A private, supportive group

You’ll be invited to live coaching calls with your peers dedicated to Fearless action.

Anytime, anywhere life-time access

Take the course at your own pace and convenience and come back to it anytime.

BONUS videos

Access to videos about things like “5 minutes to a more confident you,” “What questions to ask when you get a ‘No’” and many more!

What Do the Modules Look Like?

You can watch Fearless Mindset all at once or spread it out over the five sessions: Mindset Overview, Confident, Clear, Curious and Connected.

You can’t control the situations around you, but you can control your response.

Wonder why others are promoted before you? This module will help you understand how confidence can make it all happen. You’ll learn how to stop taking things personally and how to believe you deserve it.

Those who ask for more, get more. This module will help you explore the power and confidence that comes from being clear with yourself and those around you.

This module will teach you how to replace fear with curiosity and will give you four ways to use curiosity to deepen your relationships.

In this module, you’ll learn the key components of Emotional Intelligence and how to build rapport, finding ways to connect better with everyone you meet.

What’s the Cost?

Right now, you have the chance to experience the beta launch of Fearless Mindset. The cost is $97 if you register now. Later, the cost will increase to a final price of $297.

Take Control of Your Future With Confidence

You can take the next step with confidence. You can conquer your fear of speaking out. You can ask for what you want. All it takes is a mindset willing to make it happen.

Don’t let your fear hold you back from the future you deserve. Experience what fearlessness can do for you by registering for Fearless Mindset today.

The exercises and skills in this course helped me and have helped hundreds of people I’ve taught throughout my career.

Change tense, anxiety-filled thoughts and discussions into productive, authentic, connected conversations.

You can change negative thought patterns and self-doubts into action steps to move your life forward.

Take that next step on your career path.

Become the person you were meant to be.

Shine your light on the world.

  • Go from feeling like you’re at the mercy of the other person to more in control of your reactions.
  • Go from taking things personally to interpreting things that other people say as unrelated to you as a person.
  • Go from feeling like you’re about to get mad and yell at someone, or get quiet and just stop sharing your opinions to just being present in the moment so you can look more objectively at the situation and respond like the cool, calm and collected professional that you want to be.

The Fearless Mindset self-paced course is $297 $97 and comes with life-time access

We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide that the Fearless Mindset self-paced course isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full. That’s a promise.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take the course at my own pace?

You bet!  Once you register, you have lifetime access to all the course materials. You can go through the course at whatever pace you like and come back to it or retake it at any time.

How will the course content be delivered?

All the content is online, and you can access it from any device at any time with your login information. You will get reminder emails so that you remember to come back to where you left off.

How long do I get to access the course?

Once you register, you have lifetime access!

What is the money-back guarantee?

We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide that course isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

I want to buy this course for my team, group or organization. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, absolutely. And you’re awesome for thinking about people you care about. Please send an email to and we’ll make this happen for you.

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Send an email to and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible.