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So, what’s next?

When you started this course, you learned that In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you ask for.
And still, asking can be hard when you may get a “no” or have to try again.
This first course was designed to help you take the first step, to help you master your mindset so that you can break through barriers (both real and imagined), to manage your career proactively, to have more fulfilling connections with your loved ones and influence others to get things done.
You also learned that there are 3 components to your communication: what you THINK, what you SAY and what you DO.
This course is about WHAT YOU THINK.

So, what’s next?

I’ll be releasing courses to help you figure out what to SAY and how to SAY it, then what you DO to take action and get things done in a way that helps you build momentum in your career.

In the next courses, you’ll learn:

What to say and how to say it in ways that work for women who want to speak up without getting called “bit**y” or “bossy” or “too aggressive.”

What to do to be sure your next steps are action oriented and make promises happen on time.

You’ve heard me mention these other dimensions of confident conversations. They’ll be available to you soon!