You are on your way to creating your custom script to negotiate your salary!

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“The course helped me do something I’d never had the confidence to do before: negotiate after receiving a job offer that was fair, but below what I felt good about accepting.
I got just enough guidance to get to the point where I had an approach that was effective while still using my own words and my own voice. It felt great and worked like a charm!”
- Sara B.

User Experience Manager


“I’ve never negotiated my salary before I took the course. I figured out what I’m worth and I asked for that. I asked for $10k more and a signing bonus and that’s what they gave me!
I also got feedback from my interview that I came across as clear, confident, that I was genuinely curious, which were all skills I needed to be successful and get the job.
I use these skills now in my calls to get new clients. I got the job and I’m now a successful sales representative. I don’t think I would have done that before I took this class.”
- Kathlena G.

Project Manager, Business Development

I will Walk you through:

  • The 3 main strategies that work every time to ask for what you want and feel great about it, without seeming greedy or afraid that you won’t be liked!
  • Discover how you can prepare and know your value so you know what to ask for
  • Find out the foolproof way you can get comfortable in uncomfortable salary negotiations
  • How to use the little-known (and counter-intuitive) way to get MORE, even if you’ve been turned down before
  • And much, much more!